GQ Electronics LLC is a registered technological company based in Seattle, WA. USA.
Since 2010, GQ has been developing cutting edge electronic protection instruments that protect people from harmful invisible threats including radiation.
The product lines of GQ encompasses embedded development tools, Geiger counter nuclear radiation detectors, EMF RF EF radiation detector, social distance reminder, etc. GQ has always been striving for the best products, service, quality, support for customers as GQ is continually developing and innovating.
GQ is an Amazon and Walmart vendor and has a network of over 50 global distributors.
GQ has over 200,000 customers worldwide. The customers include US Department of State, USA universities, high schools, museums, global universities, companies, and individual users.
GQ is working with university researchers and other USA companies to customize designs and develop new tools for enterprises, like Boeing. The products are designed, developed, assembled, quality tested, supported, and serviced at Seattle USA.

GMC-500 Plus Geiger Counter Radiation Monitor

It can log the data to server via wireless WiFi connection and internal memory at same time.

EMF-390 Meter Analyzer

Multi-Field Electromagnetic Radiation EMF ELF EF RF detector with data logging

GQ-4X V4 PRG-055 Willem Programmer

One True-USB Willem Programmer with High-Quality 40pin ZIF

GQ GMC-600 Plus Dosimeter Alpha Beta Gamma X-ray

Detect alpha, beta, gamma, x-ray radiation

GQ GMC-320S Digital Nuclear Radiation Detector

enhanced version of GMC-320 Plus

Air-760 PM1 PM2.5 PM10 CO2 HCHO All-in-one Monitor

measures concentrations of HCO, Temperature, Air Pressure

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