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GMC-800 GQ GMC-800 Geiger Counter Radiation Detector

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Product Description
gmc800; gmc-800; gq gmc1. Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger Counter GQ GMC-800 (Patent Pending)
Geiger Counter Radiation Detector About GQ Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger Muller Counter

The GQ GMC-800 Nuclear Radiation Detector Geiger Counter is the newest enhanced member of the GQ GMC family, developed, assembled, and quality tested at GQ Electronics, Seattle, USA.

This radiation meter detects Beta, Gamma, X-ray nuclear radiation quickly and precisely, detecting changes at fast speed.

The GMC-800 is the most cost-effective multi-functional nuclear radiation detector, loaded with features.

Accurate, Trust-able, Reliable:
The GMC-800 radiation detector device complies with USA NIST(National Institute of Standards and Technology) and NRC(Nuclear Regulatory Commission) standards.
Each device is calibrated before shipment, and users can also self-calibrate down the road to maintain longevity.
About GQ detector serial products
As consistent with GQ's Geiger Counter product line, many unique & advanced features have been integrated into the meter while maintaining affordability.
GQ models have more features than any other products in the marketplace, all at a similar price and even cheaper than a lot of the more expensive models.
2. Nuclear Radiation Detection Overall Descriptionnuclear radiation detector; radiationUnlike EMF radiation, nuclear radiation is an ionizing type of radiation. The nuclear radiation sources include natural and man-made technology. Both impacts living creatures’ daily life and earth environment. Under circumstances, nuclear radiation can be life threatening, with food, water, and even air can be contaminated with dangerous particles. Nuclear bombs being the great offender. Generating nuclear radiation from man-made technology is a serious problem worldwide.
The meter can detect radiation from materials alike to the following: Cosmic Rays, Radioactive Rock, Collectible Antiques, Plates, Watches, Nuclear Plant Leakage, Atomic Bomb, Nuclear Fallout, contaminated food and etc.3. GQ GMC-800 Multifunctional & Usage Descriptionportable gmc 800; gmc-800Geiger Counter Dosimeter Radiation Monitoting Real Time Time-frameGQ GMC-800 is multi-functional can be used as traditional Geiger Counter with clicks, real time & certain time frame measurement, dosimeter accumulation radiation on user body, continues radiation monitoring for certain location with certain time-frame.

As a traditional Gieger Counter: find the instantaneous radiation flux on a location/spot. Traditional find radiation source applicationAs a dosimeter multiple dose units: detect the real-time & accumulated radiation on human. Reading in different units shows at the same screenAs a Real-time & time-frame measure: display real-time radiation and time-frame radiation data and record and save data.As a Radiation monitor (Graphic): continuous monitoring a location radiation over time. The unit can be connected with computer to monitor.4. Ergonomic Design & Two Ways Power Supplygmc 800; gqdetector; anti-droptypec; type c; type-creplaceable batteryMechanical DesignLight (60g) Thin (1cm thickness) make it portable, easy to carryPremium material is used to realizes Anti-drop & robustWhere to Put the DetectorHandheldPut in the pocketStand up on both edges (short & long edge)Lay on the surface

Power supply Charge & Data trasmissionThere are two ways to supply power.

In-unit battery or power via USB port

The charging cable is Type C
Type C USB cable also facilitate data transfer
Battery Charge & ReplacebleLithium Ion rechargeable battery The battery can be take out any time for external charger.

The battery is also replaceable when goes bad

Battery can be charged in meter or take out charge via external charger

The device detects battery orientation and halts charging if positioned incorrectly to protect itself.

5. Five Ways to Alarm When the Radiation amount Exceeds the thresholdportable gmc 800; gmc-800; alarmsRadiation Alarm Visual Audio Vibration Color BarAlarm threshold can be set by user. While the radiation exceeds the threshold, this device will alarm in 5 ways that will not omit anyone.Visual Top middle LED alarm: the LED blinks in redScreen visual color bar alarm: the indicator moves from green to RedClick sound audio alarm: unpleasant click sound & noiseVibration alarm: the meter vibrates for quiet environment,Voice talking alarm: people voice remind and alarm for vision impaired.6. User Friendly Interface UInuclear radiation detector; gmc800The user interface (UI) is carefully designed to delight usersSimple to use: Simply power on and instant reading;One key press switch the function screen.Easy to access and change the batteryEasy to navigate across the menuIntuitive & information well organized.Large color bright clear TFT LCD display. Display contrast and the backlit brightness are adjustable accordingly.The display is readable under the sun such that the detector is suitable for both indoor and outdoorTheThe user can change color scheme based on personal preferenceThe users can choose between light mode and dark mode.Straight forward key usage (total four keys)7. Advanced Exclusive Features & Menugmcmap; gmc map; 800; gmcMain Menu, Submenu, Advance features, PackagingMain Menu:All features can be accessed via Main Menu/Sub menuAdvance/Exclusive Feature highlight:

History Data Preview to view past radiation data
Strong data handling capability (saving, processing & analyzing).
Internal Memory & Build-in clock
Open communication protocol
Free online data storage via software
Free firmware upgrade & Free APP
Packaging Contents

The package comes with: one radiation meter unit, one type C cable, one quick guide booklet, one CC size reference card, one protective bag.
The purchase also includes: free standard software version, free firmware update over time. Discount price when purchase PRO software

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