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Title Last Update Description
GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer Re. 2.50 2018.05.24

GQ Geiger Counter Data Viewer for GMC-280, GMC-300,GMC-300E,GMC-300E Plus, GMC-320 ,GMC-500,GMC-500+,GMC-600,GMC-600+.

Use this software to download history data, then replay it back on PC with variable play back speed. You also can load a history data .bin file to play it back OR save the history data into Excel .CSV format.

Realtime data monitoring. Connect GQ Geiger Counter GMC-280 or GMC-300 with PC and monitor the data in realtime. The realtime data can be saved as:

.rbn (Realtime Binary) file format.

.csv Excel data text format.

.htm and html for internet HTML file format.

Re2.20 Added new feature: Connect to Geiger Counter World Map and submit data automatically.

GQ EMF PRO 1.10 2018.01.28 A utility software for GQ EMF-360, EMF-360+, EMF-380.
GQ Geiger Counter Data Logger PRO V5.56 2017.12.28 The software is used for GQ Geiger Counter data log. Used on GMC-060, GMC-080, GMC-100, GMC-200,GMC-280,GMC-300,GMC-300E,GMC-300E Plus,GMC-320, GMC-320,GMC-500,GMC-500+,GMC-600,GMC-600 Plus

It also works for any other Geiger counter with audio ouput port.

Re5.50 Added connection to Geiger Counter World Map.

Re5.42 Added Hybrid option on graph. Fixed top text not displyed correctly.

Re.5.33 Added alarm mail support.

Re.5.28 Fixed FTP server path error . Added append data when saving. Added R@H data format support.

Re.5.22: added csv data reversed order saving.

Re V5.21: added customizable chart title. Added fixed file name auto save. Added backgound .jpg file saving. and more...

Re V5.00: added GMC-280,GMC-300 supporting. Added audio-USB cable (TOOL-081) supporting, so that to avoid signal level and sensitivity adjustment.

GQ-RFC1701 GQ EMF Meter Communication Protocol 2017.12.28 GQ-RFC1701 GQ EMF Meter Communication Protocol Used to communicae with GQ EMF-360, EMF-360+, EMF-380 Advanced EMF Meter and RF Spectrum Power Analyzer
Demo and Simulation software 2017.10.01

Following GQ demo/simulation software are 100% simulator of a real device UI. It is an exact copy of device user interface. Try this before you get the actual device.

GMC-300E V4

GMC-320 V3

GMC-320 V4

GMC-320 V5 with Wifi




GMC-510 Simulator/Demo

GMC-520 Simulator/Demo

GMC-520 Plus Simulator/Demo

ESP8266 WiFi module AT command instruction set 2017.01.06 ESP8266 WiFi module AT command instruction set. Note: not verified all commands on GQ GMC WiFi module.
USB Driver 2014.01.13

USB driver for V4,V5 or later version GQ GMC geiger counter. EMF meter. (GMC-320+V4, GMC-500+, etc.)

This USB driver works on Win XP, Win 7, Win 8, Win 8.1, Win 10 both 32 and 64 bits Windows OS.

GQ-RFC1201 Re.1.30 GMC Communication Protocol 2013.08.02

GQ-RFC1201 GMC Communication Protocol. Re. 1.30

Used on GMC-280, GMC-300, GMC-300E, GMC-320

We welcome you to share your software with others. The feedback also be helpfull to improve the protocol.

Javascript based graphic server code 2013.03.27

A GMC-300 graphic chart code use javascript/jQuery. By njc


For latest version:

Linux software for GMC-300 2012.04.20

Linux version External Interface Control Software For GMC-300,GMC-280.GMC-300E,GMC-300E-Plus,GMC-320,GMC-320-Plus and newer models.

Developed by Phil Gillaspy.

For full project, see:>

GQ Geiger Counter Data Logger web server PHP application example 2012.07

GQ Geiger Counter Data Logger web server PHP application example.

Developed by Bob Holmes


(Old) USB driver for GQ Geiger Counter 2012.01.08 USB driver Re 1.50 for GQ Geiger Counter. Model: GMC-280, GMC-300, GMC-300E, GMC-300E Plus, GMC-320, GMC-320 Plus, TOOL-081 Audio-USB data cable
PL2303 USB-serial driver 2010.05.05

It is used for USB PIC programmer, AVR JTAG ICE, AVRISP programmer.

USB Driver for:

- Windows 98SE, ME

- Windows 2000 SP4

- Windows XP SP2 and above (32 & 64 bit)

- Windows Server 2003 (32 & 64 bit)

- Windows Server 2008 / 2008 R2 (32 & 64 bit)

- Windows Vista (32 & 64 bit)

- Windows 7 (32 & 64 bit)

FDTI USB-Serial Driver 2008.07 USB driver for FDTI chip set. It used for most of AVR tools.
CP2101 USB-serial driver 2008.07 Used for USB-serial devices. Such as AVR tools.