The Universal Programmer is a kind of electronic equipment that has the ability to configure integrated circuits which are both programmable as well as non-volatile. It is a term that is used as an alternate for the device programmer and chip programmer.

A universal programmer normally can program EPROM, EEPROM, FLASH, PIC, MCU, SPI, JTAG Devices and etc. It can be used for many applications, such as car automotive field ECU Chiptuning, airbag reset, mileage, satellite devices, BIOS refreshing, motherboard BIOS in-circuit upgrade, Xbox, Wii gaming machines, EPROM duplicate, Altera, Xilinx, JTAG, PIC/MCU development, newer laptop technology, and newer desktop PC, etc.

GQ’s universal programmers are the application-oriented design that facilitates the support of thousands of the most popular application devices and ideally suit the portable/convenient applications. It uses USB interface for both data transfer and power supply and support O/S XP64bit, Vista 32bit, Vista 64bit Windows7 32bit 64bit, Windows 10. Also, it supports multi-languages, like Czech, English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and etc.

GQ’s programmers support chip packaging: TSOP48 (16bit & 8 bit), TSOP32, PSOP44, DIP8 to DIP40, PLCC, SOP,SOIC, MCS-51+, PLCC84, and etc.