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Sku Description Image Supplier Price Visits Date Added
ADP-089 ZIF socket module for GQ-4X programmer Generic Supplier US$10.00 2531 2/6/2020
CPT-097 Whirlpool 2262185 Start Relay for Refrigerator Generic Supplier US$19.00 2316 4/15/2020
CPT-078 WELLS SOIC8 socket 200mil 652C0082211W Generic Supplier US$14.99 2348 10/26/2016
ADP-084 VSOP40 TSOP40 14mm adapter SA623 Generic Supplier US$39.99 2615 9/11/2019
PRG-VP-010 VP-190 USB Universal Programmer Generic Supplier US$89.00 2679
PRG-VP-001 VP180 USB Universal Programmer Generic Supplier US$69.00 2744
LAP-P05 USB 1.1 Bus Protocol plug-in Generic Supplier US$69.99 2218
ADP-088 Universal SOIC8 adapter set Generic Supplier US$17.99 3722 2/2/2015
ADP-023 Universal Programmer Adapter Generic Supplier US$15.00 6728 1/24/2020
ADP-048A Universal Power Plug Adapter-UK Generic Supplier US$3.99 2566 1/4/2017

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