• 【ADP-017】 AT PLCC44-DIP40 adapter
This is a generic AT PLCC44-DIP40 device conversion adapter. 
It can be used on: ATMEL89/MCS51-AVR adaptor of Willem programmer; 16 bit EPROM adaptor of Willem programmer; It also works with other series programmer such as: TOP852/TOP853/TOP2003/TOP2004/TOP2005/TOP48/TOP2048/EasyPro80B. And all other programmers which programs 40 pin DIP devices. 
It also can be used on other equipment other than programmer. Such as AT-51 Advanced Experimental Board / Atmel AT89XXX programmer. 

Device supported:

AT89X51 PLCC device Socket Conversion such as: AT89C51, AT89C52, AT89C53, AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53 and other 8051 series PLCC44 to DIP40 chip conversion. 
16 bit EPROM PLCC44 chip conversion, such as :27C1024, 27C2048, 27C2002, 27C4096,27C4002, 27C202, 27C210, 27C220,27C240 etc. 

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【ADP-017】 AT PLCC44-DIP40 adapter

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