• 【ADP-015】 MCS-51+/51AVR+/AT89+ w/PLCC44 adapter
For Standard/Enhanced/True-USB Willem programmer
The adapter has build-in onboard a PLCC44 adapter, it's handy for the the PLCC44 chips.
Device supportedAtmel:
AT89C51,52,55, AT89LV51,52,55, AT89S8252 (8K+2K),AT89S8253 (12K+2K), AT89S51, AT89S52, AT89S53, AT89LS8252,AT89LS53 AT89C1051,AT89C2051,AT89C4051 (20pin)AT89C51RC (32KB), AT89C55WD (6.2V)SST89C54/58, SI89C52
Intel:i87C51, i87C51FA, i87C51FBi8xC51,i8xC52,i8xC54,i8xC58 
AVR AT90 series:AT90S1200,AT90S2313All 51 series MCU from Philips(NXP), example:P87C51X2,P87C52X2,P87C54X2,P87C58X2,P87C51RA+4A,P87C51RB+4A etc. 

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【ADP-015】 MCS-51+/51AVR+/AT89+ w/PLCC44 adapter

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