• 【ADP-006】 PLCC32-DIP28 Adapter

For Standard/Enhanced/True-USB Willem EPROM programmer/All TOP series/EasyPro series/Wellon,Weilei series/SuperPRO series and all other brand universal programmer.

It supports 5V and 3.3V devices, such as 27,28,29,39,49 EPROM, EEPROM,Flash devices. eg.27C64-27C512,29C256 etc.

Example of part number supported:

27C128 27C256 27C512A 27C64 27LV256 27LV512A 27LV64 28F256A AM27256

AM27C64 AM27C128 AM27C256 AM27C512 

AT27BV256 AT27BV512 AT27C256R AT27C512R AT27LV256A AT27LV512A AT28C256 AT29C256 AT29LV256 

CAT28C256 CY7C274 

D27128 D27128A D27256 D27512 D27513 D2764 D2764A D27C128A D27C256 D27C512 D27C513 D27C64A D87C64 


FM27C256 FM27C512 

HN27128G HN27128P HN27256G HN27512G HN2764G HN2764P HN27C256AG HN27C256G HN27C256HG HN27C512G HN27C64G HT27C512 HT27LC512 HT27PC256 HT27PC512 IS27C256 IS27C512 IS27HC256 IS27HC512 

M27128A M27256 M27512 M2764A M27C256B M27C512 M27C64A M27V256 M27V512 M27W256 M27W512M28C256 M28C64 M28C64C M28C64X M28F256 M28F256A 

M5L27128K M5L27128P M5L27256K M5L27256P M5L27512K M5L27512P M5L2764K M5L2764P M5M27C128K M5M27C128P M5M27C256K M5M27C256P M5M27C512K M5M27C512P 

MBM27128 MBM27256 MBM2764 MBM27C128 MBM27C256 MBM27C256A MBM27C512 MBM27C64 MX26C512A

MX27C256 MX27C512 MX27L256 MX27L512 NMC27C128B NMC27C256 NMC27C256BN NMC27C512 NMC27C512AN NMC27C64 NMC27C64B SST27SF256 SST27SF512 TC54256AP TC54512AP TC57256AD TC57512AD TMS27C128 TMS27C256 TMS27C512 TMS27PC128 TMS27PC256 TMS27PC512 UPD27128 UPD27256 UPD2764 UPD27C256 UPD27C256A UPD27C512


W27C512 W27E512 

X28C256 X28C64 X28HC256 XLS28C64B

X28VC256 XL28C256 XL28C64 

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【ADP-006】 PLCC32-DIP28 Adapter

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