• 【ADP-029】 PLCC32-DIP32-DIP28 ZIF Adapter

This is a generic PLCC32-DIP32, PLCC32-DIP28 ZIF version adapter. And it will work on any progammer.

Such as:

Standard/Enhanced/True-USB Willem EPROM programmer/All TOP series/EasyPro series/Wellon,Weilei series/SuperPRO series and all other brand universal programmer. 

Device supported:

27,28,29,39,49 EPROM, EEPROM,Flash devices. 

The PLCC32-DIP28 base board provides ability to extend the PLCC32 ZIF socket to have PLCC32-DIP28 capability. So that to support: EPROM:2764,128,256,512. EEPROM: 28/28C16A,64,128,256. Flash: 28F/29C/29F/39F/49F64,128,256. On base board 3.3V jumper for 17,29LV,28FxxxB3 chips on 5V programmer. 

Anotehr part #: CNV-PLCC-EP1M32 

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【ADP-029】 PLCC32-DIP32-DIP28 ZIF Adapter

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