• 【ADP-004】 SOIC8 SOP8 ZIF Adaptor

This adapter works on any programmers for standard SOIC8 to DIP8 conversion.

It accepts all body width 150 mil (3.9mm-4.1mm) SOIC 8 chips. 

Device supported such as : 

all 24CXX series, like 24C02,24C04,24C08,24C32,24C64,24C128,24C256,24C512,
all 93CXX series, like, 93C46,93C55,93C56,93C66,93C76,93C86 etc,
all 25XXX series, like 25010,25020,25040 etc,
all 95XXX series, like 95010,95020,95040,95080 etc, and
all MX25LXX05D-M1 SPI chip, such as MX25L8005D-M1, MX25L1605D-M1 etc.

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【ADP-004】 SOIC8 SOP8 ZIF Adaptor

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