• 【ADP-003】 TSOP48 8/16 bit adapter

For Standard/Enhanced/True USB Willem Universal programmer. 

This adapter consist of ADP-077 and ADP-072.

Device supported:

- All brand 29F200, 29F400, 29F800, 29F160(read/write byte mode).

- All brand 29LV200, 29LV400, 29LV800, 29LV160, 29LV320 compatible flash chip. 

Such as: AM29FXXX, AM29LVXXX, HY29FXXX, HY29LVXXX, 49F8192A i28F200,i28F400, i28F800, i28F16029LV200, 29LV400, 29LV800, 29LV160,MX29LV400,MX29LV800,MX29LV160,MX29LV320(read/write byte mode)

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【ADP-003】 TSOP48 8/16 bit adapter

  • $45.00

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