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SDR Black Social Distancing Reminder SDR in Black

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Practice Social Distancing, Stay Away From COVID-19

You may forget to keep a safe distance between people during the COVID-19 pandemic. Don't worry, the GQ Social Distancing Reminder(SDR) is designed for general purpose indoor social distancing reminding. It helps you practice safe social distancing.

The SDR is in small size(1.5 x 2 x 0.25 inches, weight ~0.6 oz), so it can be easily cliped on clothes or attached to many objects. User also may just place it on the ege of a table, in such case it gives warraning if any people in unsafe social distance.

The SDR detects the distance between two people or objects and remind users in different ways. Multiple alarm modes can be used.

The unit has a rechargeable battery installed. Each package comes with a charging micro USB cable. The device may be charged in any standard USB port/charger, such as a computer USB port or a cell phone charger.

The SDR uses color light, sound, vibration to indicate unsafe zone,warning zone and safe zone. For example, the color LED be used to indicate: unsafe zone(red),warning zone(orange) and safe zone(green).

The button on this device can be used for multiple purposes.
  • Pause/resume the SDR
  • Holding it for one second changes the mode of the device :
    • 1.Red Orange Greene light
    • 2.Beep
    • 3.Vibration
    • 4.All three at once

This unit is mainly designed for indoor use under regular ambient light. For any other condition, please refer to following table as a reference:

ConditionDetection RangeResult
Indoor dark ambient light 0 to 11 ft(0-3.5m)Best. recommended
Indoor regular ambient light 0 to 8 ft(0-2.5m)Good, recommended
Indoor strong ambient light0 to 5 ft(0-1.5m)Not recommended
Outdoor before sunset0 to 1 ft(0-0.3m)Not recommended
Outdoor after sunset0 to 8 ft(0-2.5m)Good
Outdoor twilight0 to 11 ft (0-3.5m)Best

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