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ADP-033A Newest TSOP 20mm Adapter Complete Set

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This is a newest complet standard 20mm TSOP adapter set for Willem programmers Version 3. It is for both True-USB Willem programmer and all parallel Willem Programmers. It is the best for GQ-3X and GQ-4X. The adapter set can be used for all standard 20mm TSOP32,TSOP40, and the TSOP48 package chips.

The set comes with TSOP48 ZIF board, 5 base boards and 3 address wires.

The set include:

1.ADP-083 TSOP32 base board
2.ADP-071 FWH-TSOP32-TSOP40 2-in-1 base board,
3.ADP-082 TSOP40A/B 2-in-1 base board,
4.ADP-072 TSOP48(16/8bit) base board
5.ADP-073 TSOP48(16bit) base board.
6.ADP-077 TSOP48 ZIF socket top board
7.Address wires

Supported devices on each base board as following:

TSOP32 base board EEPROM : 28/28C512,010,020,040 EPROM : 27C010,020,040,080 Flash memory : 28F/29C/29F/39F/49F512,010,020,040,001,002,004 / SST39VF020

FWH-TSOP32-TSOP40 2-in-1 base board: INTEL:i82802AB, i82802ACATMEL:AT49LW040, SST:SST49LF002/A, SST49LF003/A, SST49LF004/A;W39V040F, W39V040FA, W39V040FAP LPC Flash:SST:SST49LF020/A, SST49LF030/A, SST49LF040/A;W39V040A, W39V040AP, W49V002A, W49V002APSST 49LF002B, 49LF004B FWH/LPC:PMC:PMC49FL002, PMC49FL004 ST micro:M50FW040, M50FW002, M50LPW002, M50LPW040, M50FLW040A, M50FLW040B,INTEL:i82802AC;ATMEL:AT49LW080/008;SST:SST49LF008/A;LPC flash:SST:SST49LF080/A;FWH/LPC:ST micro:M50FW080/008, M50LPW080/008, M50FW016, M50LPW116;PT49V080/008

TSOP40A/B 2-in-1 base board
TSOP40A: MBM29LV002ST/SB ,MBM29LV002TC/BC ,MBM29LV002TA/BA , MBM29LV004 , MBM29LV008, MBM29LV016 ,MBM29LV017 , MBM29LV080 , MBM29F002ST/SB , MBM29LV016 ,Am29LV004 , Am29LV002 ,Am29LV008;AM29F002ST/SB,AM29F004X,AM29F008X,AM29F16X,AM29F032X ,SST39VF080

TSOP40B: MBM29F017A , MBM29F016A , MBM29F080 , 28F008SA , 29F004S5 , 29F032 ,Am29F080 , Am29F016B , Am29F016 , Am29F017B , Am29F065MU, M29F032

TSOP48(16/8bit)base board: Am29F400, Am29F800, Am29F160, Am29F320, HY29F200, HY29F400, HY29F800 , AT49F2048A, AT49F4096A, AT49F8192A 29LV200 , 29LV400 , 29LV800 , 29LV160 , 29LV320, AT49LV1614, i28F200, i28F400, i28F800, i28F160 (TSOP48),28F001(DIP32 or PLCC32),MX29LV400,MX29LV800,MX29LV160,MX29LV320

TSOP48(16bit) base board: INTEL 28FX00: 28F400 B3T;28F800 B3T,28F160 B3T;28F400 B3B;28F800 B3B;28F160 B3B;28F800 C3T; 28F160 C3T;28F320 C3T;28F800 C3B;28F160 C3B;28F320 C3B;28F320 J3;28F640 J3;29LVX00: MBM29LV400-T;MBM29LV800-T;MBM29LV160-T;MBM29LV400-B;MBM29LV800-B;MBM29LV160-B;MBM29DL400;MBM29DL800;MBM29DL16X;MBM29DL32X;MBM29DL322;39LF/VFX00: 39LF/VF200A;39LF/VF400A;39LF/VF800A;39LF/VF160;29FX00:29F100;29F200;29F400;29F800;29F160;29F320;29F102, SST39VF200,400,800,SST39VF1061,3201,6401,SST39VF1062,3202,6402

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