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PRG-036 AVR JTAG ICE and AVRISP/STK500 2in1 programmer V4

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This USB Atmel AVR JTAG ICE + AVRISP ISP programmer provides the users a highly-flexible, low-cost Atmel AVR design and debug tool. It's operated by AVR Studio development software. When it in JATG ICE mode, it's recognized as standard AVR JTAG ICE. When it in ISP programmer mode, it's recognized as AVRISP/STK500 ISP programmer. The AVR ISP programming supports all AVR devices. The unit is compatiable with original AVR JTAG ICE and STK500/AVRISP downloader. The AVR Studio software can be downloaded from Atmel's website.

AVR JTAG ICE allows access to all the powerful features of the AVR microcontroller. All AVR resources can be monitored when debuging the firmware: Flash memory, EEPROM memory, SRAM memory, Register File, Program Counter, Fuse and Lock Bits, and all I/O modules. AVR-JTAG also offers extensive On-chip Debug support for break conditions, including break on change of Program memory flow, Program memory Break Points on single address or address range, and Data memory Break Points on single address or address range.

AVR ISP feature allows user for programming all AVR devices in system.

  • Works with Atmel AVR Studio 4 IDE software. Recognized as STK500/ISP and JTAG ICE devies.
  • JTAG ICE allow user to debug the firmware whic is running in the target chip. User is able to step through the C or Assembly source code line by line in the AVR Studio. Because it is not a software simulation debugger, so that debug the in-circuit firmware become handy via JTAG interface.
  • USB port as communication, so that it has compact size.
  • 2 in 1 feature gives use a flaxibility and convenenice when doing development.
  • It be able to upgrade the firmware from AVR Studio, so that to support latest AVR devices.
  • The fast ISP download. Up to 1.843Mhz ISP download frequncy.
  • and more..

Supported ISP Device via AVRISP :

AT86RF401 90CAN128 AT89S51 AT89S52 AT90PWM2 AT90PWM3 90s1200 90s2313 90s2323 90s2343 90s4414 90s4433 90s4434 90s8515 90s8535 mega103 mega128 mega16 mega161 mega162 mega163 mega165 mega168 mega169 mega32 mega323 mega325 mega329 mega406 mega48 mega64 mega8 mega8515 mega8535 mega88 mega2560 mega2561 mega3250 mega3290 mega644 mega645 mega6450 mega649 mega6490 tiny12 tiny15 tiny22 tiny2313 tiny22 tiny24 tiny26 tiny28 tiny45

Supported JTAG ICE devices via JTAG:
ATmega128, ATmega128L, ATmega16, ATmega162, ATmega162V, ATmega165, ATmega165V, ATmega169, ATmega169V, ATmega16L, ATmega32, ATmega323, ATmega323L, ATmega32L, ATmega64, ATmega64L

The package includes:
  • One 2-in-1 Programmer/ICE with latest firmware OS from AVR Studio 4
  • One USB Cable
  • One JTAG/ISP cable on board
  • One USB driver/Software/user guide download link

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