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ADP-033 TSOP 20mm Adapter Complete Set for Willem Family

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This is a complet standard 20mm TSOP adapter set for Willem programmers Version 2. It is for both True-USB Willem programmer and all parallel Willem Programmers. The adapter set can be used for all standard 20mm TSOP32,TSOP40, and the TSOP48 package chips.

The set comes with TSOP48 ZIF board, 6 base boards and 3 address wires.

The set include:

1.ADP-074 TSOP32 base board
2.ADP-071 FWH-TSOP32-TSOP40 2-in-1 base board,
3.TSOP40A base board,
4.TSOP40B base board,
5.ADP-072 TSOP48(16/8bit) base board
6.ADP-073 TSOP48(16bit) base board.
7.ADP-077 TSOP48 ZIF socket top board
8.Address wires

Supported devices on each base board as following:

TSOP32 base board EEPROM : 28/28C512,010,020,040 EPROM : 27C010,020,040,080 Flash memory : 28F/29C/29F/39F/49F512,010,020,040,001,002,004 / SST39VF020

FWH-TSOP32-TSOP40 2-in-1 base board: INTEL:i82802AB, i82802ACATMEL:AT49LW040, SST:SST49LF002/A, SST49LF003/A, SST49LF004/A;W39V040F, W39V040FA, W39V040FAP LPC Flash:SST:SST49LF020/A, SST49LF030/A, SST49LF040/A;W39V040A, W39V040AP, W49V002A, W49V002APSST 49LF002B, 49LF004B FWH/LPC:PMC:PMC49FL002, PMC49FL004 ST micro:M50FW040, M50FW002, M50LPW002, M50LPW040, M50FLW040A, M50FLW040B,INTEL:i82802AC;ATMEL:AT49LW080/008;SST:SST49LF008/A;LPC flash:SST:SST49LF080/A;FWH/LPC:ST micro:M50FW080/008, M50LPW080/008, M50FW016, M50LPW116;PT49V080/008

TSOP40A base board: MBM29LV002ST/SB ,MBM29LV002TC/BC ,MBM29LV002TA/BA , MBM29LV004 , MBM29LV008, MBM29LV016 ,MBM29LV017 , MBM29LV080 , MBM29F002ST/SB , MBM29LV016 ,Am29LV004 , Am29LV002 ,Am29LV008;AM29F002ST/SB,AM29F004X,AM29F008X,AM29F16X,AM29F032X ,SST39VF080

TSOP40B base board: MBM29F017A , MBM29F016A , MBM29F080 , 28F008SA , 29F004S5 , 29F032 ,Am29F080 , Am29F016B , Am29F016 , Am29F017B , Am29F065MU, M29F032

TSOP48(16/8bit)base board: Am29F400, Am29F800, Am29F160, Am29F320, HY29F200, HY29F400, HY29F800 , AT49F2048A, AT49F4096A, AT49F8192A 29LV200 , 29LV400 , 29LV800 , 29LV160 , 29LV320, AT49LV1614, i28F200, i28F400, i28F800, i28F160 (TSOP48),28F001(DIP32 or PLCC32),MX29LV400,MX29LV800,MX29LV160,MX29LV320

TSOP48(16bit) base board: INTEL 28FX00: 28F400 B3T;28F800 B3T,28F160 B3T;28F400 B3B;28F800 B3B;28F160 B3B;28F800 C3T; 28F160 C3T;28F320 C3T;28F800 C3B;28F160 C3B;28F320 C3B;28F320 J3;28F640 J3;29LVX00: MBM29LV400-T;MBM29LV800-T;MBM29LV160-T;MBM29LV400-B;MBM29LV800-B;MBM29LV160-B;MBM29DL400;MBM29DL800;MBM29DL16X;MBM29DL32X;MBM29DL322;39LF/VFX00: 39LF/VF200A;39LF/VF400A;39LF/VF800A;39LF/VF160;29FX00:29F100;29F200;29F400;29F800;29F160;29F320;29F102, SST39VF200,400,800,SST39VF1061,3201,6401,SST39VF1062,3202,6402

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