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TOOL-010 AVR Atmega16/32 Study/Development Board

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This Atmel ATMEGA16/32 study/evaluation/development board is good for beginners or professional developers. The board comes with all jumper wires, crystals and necessary hardware for completing the Atmel AVR microprocessor development.

The ZIP socket of this board is pin compatible to ATMEGA16, ATMEGA32 and AT90S8535.

The package comes with two kinds LCD modules to give user a chance to develop on different display module. The board also provide a on board buzzer, 4 digits 7 seg module and a RS232 port.On board JTAG, ISP port provide simple way to program and deug the chip.

Package includes:
- Atmel AVR ATMEGA16/32 baord
- Jumper wires for evaluation baord
- 5V DC USB cable (takes power from USB)
- 16 X 2 character LCD display module 1602A (HD44780 controller).
- Nokia 5110 graphic 84x48 pixels LCD+74HC165 scan 8 keys on board(pcd8544 LCD controller)
- CD include: Sample testing code for most of functions,such as LCD display, buzzer, running light,key scanning, 7 seg display and schematic etc.
- DS18B20 digital temperature sensor
- JTAG,ISP ICD10 cable
-Atmega16L DIP40 testing chip

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