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PRG-018 True USB Willem Programmer (GQ-2X)

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The True-USB Willem programmer is a new generation high speed Willem programmer. It is designed/developed by MCUmall Electronics Inc. in Canada for portable and convenient applications.

It uses USB port as communication port (USB interface) as well as power supply port. All existing printer port willem programmers in the market are using printer cable for data communication/data transfer and some versions are using USB port for power supply only.

Since the true-USB willem programmer uses USB port for both data communication and power supply, so only one USB cable is needed when working with the programmer. The DB25 LPT data cable is no longer needed. This feature facilitates the portable applications and makes the programmer ideal for use with newer laptops which do not have a Parallel LPT Port.

Also because the true-USB willem programmer connects PC via high-speed USB link, this provides the fastest possible data transfer rates for programming/reading data from target IC's. The programmer is capable of being up to 20 times faster than other existing printer port Willem programmer on reading & verification a high density flash device.

Hardware Features:

  • Utilize USB port for data communication & power supply
  • Significantly increase the speed up to 20 times faster than print port willem programmers
  • Eliminate the DB25 LPT printer extension cable (data cable)
  • Support most of popular devices:EPROM EEPROM Flash PIC ,AVR and more
  • The programmer uses on board MCU timer to operate the target chip, so it works much more stable than existing printer port Willem programmer
  • Eliminated all jumpers on board. Fully utilize the ZIF socket. All chips will use ZIF socket now, such as 93CXX/24XX/25XX EEPROMs, AVR chips and PIC16F628A, PIC12F508 etc.(ICSP header also available for ISP and for PIC DIP28 DIP40 on PIC Adapter).
  • Dual Power (USB/DC) supply capability.External DC input jack for using a un-powered USB hub or port.
  • Vcc supported among: 3.6V, 5V, 5.5V, 6.2V
  • Vpp supported among 3.6V, 12V, 12.7V, 15V, 21V, 25V
  • On board dual power management will let user to control the different Vpp and Vcc voltage independently during the programming, verification, blank checking and reading operation batch process
  • Fixed all hardware design issues in Enhanced Willem Programmer.
  • Hardware backward compatible with printer port Willem EPROM Programmer
  • Accomadate the existing Willem programmer adapters: like TSOP48/32,16bit EPROM, MCS-51+, PIC+ adapter,SOIC adapter and so on
  • Hardware model: GQ-2x
  • USB 1.1 & 2.0 port compatible

Software Features:

  • Auto-detect programmer model and hardware revision.
  • Binary data editing capabilities, such as Find, Search, Copy & Paste.
  • Device search feature provides a fast way to find the device model & part #.
  • The Favorite Devices feature provides another quick way allows user to store regular used devices. Such that eliminated the redundant searching each time.
  • The software provides short cut key to all operations Batch run feature is for quick batch operations.
  • Lock and unlock the Flash, EEPROM feature. Example, M29F040B, AM29LV320
  • User is able to add new device ID to the ID library and device list
  • Updates software and device algorithm regularly
  • Supports Win98SE, Me, XP, NT, 2000 and Vista 32 bit operating systems

Programming Speed Comparison Examples:

Existing Printer Port Willem Programmer

New True-USB Willem Programmer

Existing Printer Port Willem Programmer

New True-USB Willem Programmer







1' 41'

0' 05'

2' 15'

0' 51'


9' 30'

0' 25'




1' 09'

0' 05'

3' 55'

0' 58'

The ready-to-go package includes:

  • One True-USB Willem Programmer Board with 32pin ZIF
  • One USB Cable (for both power & data communication)
  • One Software Installation CD (electronic version user guide)

The latest software also can be downloaded from here

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