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Part of IC burn-in/ testing ZIF socket list
To place the socket order, please contact order@mcumall.com

Part # Manufacture
PLCC32-1.27-30 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16-1.27-03 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-8(16)-1.27-03 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-20-1.27-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-1.27-01A ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-1.27-04 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-8(24)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-0.55-03 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-32-1.27-16 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-32-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-32-0.5-08 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-40-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-48-0.5-028 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-54-0.8-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-56-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-44-1.27-03 ENPLAS, Japan
FP-28-1.27-08A ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-34-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FP-16-1.27-05 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-160-0.65-10 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-52-0.65-04 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-24-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-32-1.27-05 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-52-0.4-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-52-0.65-01A ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-24(34)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-14(16)-1.27-03 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-14(24)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-36-0.65-02 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(20)-1.27-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-0.635-02 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-44-0.8-16A ENPLAS, Japan
FP-20(28H)-1.27-07 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28-1.27-23 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-44-0.8-19 ENPLAS, Japan
FP-20-1.27-06 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28(34)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-128-0.5-03A ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-44-0.65-02 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-1.0-04 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(20M)-1.27-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FP-16-0.65-01A ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-20(34)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-24BT-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-128-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-48-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-80-0.8-03(QFP80) ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-0.5-01(QFP64) ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-44-0.8-04(QFP44) ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-28(44)-0.65-02 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(28)-1.27-04 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-112-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-20BT-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-0.8-02 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-48-0.5-06 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-40BT-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-80-0.4-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-132-0.635-07 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-16(24)B-0.5-02 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-48(56)B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-0.4-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-20(24)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(24)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-64B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-32(40)B-0.5-02 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-32(40)B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-48(64)-0.5-02 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-32-0.8-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-48-0.5-12 (OTS-48-0.5-03) ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-28(36)B-0.5-02 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-0.8-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-28B-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-48-0.5-12 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-56BT-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-80-0.5-04 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-14(34)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-64-0.5-06 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-20(28)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-64BT-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-24B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-40B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-28(36)BT-0.5-02 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(34)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-30-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTS-16(28)-0.65-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-20B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
FP-24-1.27-08 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-52-0.65-02A ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-36B-0.5-01 ENPLAS, Japan
QFN-48(52)BT-0.4-01 ENPLAS, Japan
OTQ-64-0.65-08 ENPLAS, Japan
FPQ-100-0.5-10A ENPLAS, Japan
08QN50K23030(QFN8-3*3-0.5) PLASTRONICS
08QN65T33030(QFN8-3*3-0.65) PLASTRONICS
CTP054-0136ABB(TSOP54-0.8) TI
FBGA096-003N TI
FBGA072-003M-12*8(TI) TI
CTP086-146AB-2 TI
CBG130-057K137(10.5*13) TI
CBG064-087G(13*11) TI
CTP048-A137AB(TSOP48-0.5) TI
CBG048-A70N63(BGA48-9*11-0.8) TI
CBG048-042K(BGA48-0.75-6*8) TI
FBGA256-036B-1 TI
CBG064-087F TI
FBGA090-037-10 TI
CBG056-077BP TI
CTP044-112ABK TI
CBG064-087A TI
CSP028-039(SOP28) TI
656-0102211 WELLS, USA
648-0562211-A01 WELLS, USA
703-1048-14(BGA48) WELLS, USA
652D0282211 WELLS, USA
652C0082211W WELLS, USA
703-1048-16(BGA48) WELLS, USA
648-0482211SA15H WELLS, USA
652D0322211W WELLS, USA
654048628010806(BGA48-0.8-6*8) WELLS, USA
3028-208-6-08(QFP208) WELLS, USA
656C2322211(SOP32-0.8) WELLS, USA
776B4048-101 WELLS, USA
652D0322211(SOP32-1.27) WELLS, USA
654H080635010857M(BGA80) WELLS, USA
654H056628010857(BGA56-0.8-7*9) WELLS, USA
654H072628020857M(BGA72) WELLS, USA
654H048631010857(BGA48) WELLS, USA
654H096629010857 WELLS, USA
IC120-0324-309(PLCC32-CYT) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0444-306(PLCC44-CYT) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-453.KS-14808(PLCC32-CY) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC191-0482-004(TSOP48) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC191-0562-003(TSOP56) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0262-645(SOP26) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0284-399(PLCC28-CY) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0284-308(PLCC28-CYT) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0444-400(PLCC44-CY) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0684-304(PLCC68-CYT) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0844-303(PLCC84-CYT) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0804-711(QFP80-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0442-1536(PSOP44-1.27) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-467KS-11787(QFP44-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0484-806(QFP48-0.5) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0162-1035-1 YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1004-809(QFP100-0.5) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-1240-2(QFP64-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0202-779(TSOP20-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1004-814-1(QFP100-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC149-208-061-S5(QFP208) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0804-819-6(QFP80-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC201-1004-008(QFP100-0.5) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1284-1433(QFP128-0.5) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1004-814-2(QFP100-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0324-1498(QFP32-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0562-1387(TSSOP56-0.635) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC53-0484-100(LCC48) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-824-1(QFP64-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0804-819-1(QFP80-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-820-1(QFP64-1.0) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-1602(QFP64-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0804-795(QFP80-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-824-2(QFP64-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0444-798(QFP44-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC201-1004-028N(QFP100-0.65) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0444-825(QFP44-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0524-207(PLCC52) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0524-307(PLCC52) YAMAICHI, Japan
NP351-104-A101033-001(BGA96) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1284-1702(QFP128) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC354-0482-031P(TSOP48) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC120-0204-205(PLCC20) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC217-2404-007*(QFP240-0.5) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1284-976-2(QFP128-0.8) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0342-741(SOP-1.0) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0804-808-14 YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0644-807-6 YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0162-1035-1 YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0324-453 YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-0562-2144(PSOP56) YAMAICHI, Japan
IC51-1764-1995-6 YAMAICHI, Japan

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